Fact : Companies spend 95% of their budget on acquiring customers, yet only spend 5% on retaining and engaging the customers they already have.

Fact : It is five times more expensive to acquire a user than it is to retain one.

Such information would suggest that a lot of companies have it wrong when it comes to where they invest their marketing budget.

Do you know your customer? Do you know the reason why they have show an interest in your product or service?

  • We use advanced onsite and in­game content strategies to grow and retain users, and increase LTV and ROAS. We track visitors throughout every part of the journey, when they return, why they return, what they do and how, and when they purchase or don’t.
  • Here at InTrigger we consider ourselves to be masters at serving up behavioural notifications at the right time throughout the customer’s journey, serving dynamic prompts to engage, retain and sell.
  • We are qualified in analysing micro­moments and player cohort profiles, helping us build a character profile of your customer.
  • Identifying and analysing the bread and butter of your business. The people who invest the most, and identifying who they are and why they have shown an interest in you.
  • Segment revenue and retention by user and purchase patterns.
  • We conduct full usability studies on your website and look at behavioural pattern by type of visitor and Acquisition channel.
  • We don’t just acquire the customer but concentrate on LTV (life time value) models as well.
  • We measure Purchase Intent using Analytics for Powerful insights which we then use for targeted campaigns.
  • We Target by Interest, Affinity and In­Market Audience type for higher quality users.
  • Active User Targeting in Adwords.
  • We use powerful Remarketing Techniques based on User and Visitor data.
  • We are familiar with all popular behaviour tools and in­site/game Analytics software.